Ever since I was little, I have had an interest in Aviation. I’ve always been fascinated in how giant tubes of metal are able to leave the ground and fly all around the word. 

In my spare time, I like to go to the airport and engage in some ‘Plane Spotting’. This is where I sit and watch the planes take off and land, all while making a note of which ones I have seen and on which date. Along with this, I will also have my camera with me as well as my ‘airband scanner’ and will be taking pictures of what I see whilst listening to the communications between pilots and the airfields air traffic control tower to find out what is coming in and going out. 

Over the last 4 or so years, I have so seen and noted down approximately 750 different aircraft from a variety of different airlines and built up a small library of around 1000 pictures.

As well as the above, I also keep track of what flights I have flown on when I have gone on holiday. You can see the list of these flights as well as the last 50 aircraft I have ‘spotted’ by using the dropdown links on the menu bar above.

I will also be adding some of the pictures I have taken to the bottom of this page soon, so keep an ear out!